Our Chambers line combines a timeless teardrop shape with a leaf-like central ridge, reminiscent of our Monroe line, but with a much narrower taper to the handle’s neck.We forge each piece in our Chambers collection from high quality 18/8 stainless steel before applying a brilliant 18/8 stainless steel finish, tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use.

– 18/8 Stainless Steel Construction

– Dishwasher Safe

Available in 18/8 S/S & Cost Saving Bonsteel.

Note: Items sold per dozen

Name Item # Size
Chambers Euro Solid Handle Steak Knife S1115 9.42"
Chambers Hollow Handle Dinner Knife Euro S1114 9.64"
Chambers Flat Handle Butter Spreader S1113 6.64"
Chambers Solid Handle Dinner Knife Euro S1112 9.17"
Chambers Solid Handle Dinner Knife Reg. S1111 8.93"
Chambers Hollow Handle Dinner Knife Reg. S1109 9.30"
Chambers Oyster/Cocktail Fork S1108 4.87"
Chambers Salad/Dessert Fork S1107 7.17"
Chambers Euro Dinner Fork S1106 8.48"
Chambers Reg. Dinner Fork S1105 7.30"
Chambers Table Serving Spoon S1104 9.26"
Chambers Soup/Dessert Spoon S1103 7.37"
Chambers Ice Teaspoon S1102 7.40"
Chambers Bouillon Spoon S1101 6.13"
Chambers Teaspoon S1100 6.32"
Chambers Demitasse Spoon S1116 4.63"